To get the very best from the jewellery products, they must be cared for and treated carefully.  Every aspect of the design process has ensured they are durable and comfortable to wear, however they can be easily damaged if treated incorrectly and without due care.

When the jewellery is not in use, it is best to store it in the box provided.  The acrylic and the chain will need to be kept clean with a soft cloth and away from liquids and chemicals, even perfumes, as these products can fracture the acrylic and tarnish the chain.

*** Additional care should be given to mirrored and printed acrylic.  Any contact made with solvents and alcohol based perfumes/aftershaves will WITHOUT FAIL permanently damage the surface and cause a condition called 'crazing'.  Put sprays on BEFORE adding your accessories.***

Please be vary careful not to crush the jewellery with over excited, intense hugging.  Don't go to sleep with it on either.

To help keep the acrylic jewellery clean, all items are packaged with a custom sstutter micro fibre cleaning cloth.  They are very similar to ones you may receive with a pair of glasses.  The micro fibre cleaning cloth does not require any liquids in order to clean the product and can be washed as necessary.  The Sstutter cleaning cloth is ideal for perspex jewellery and is given completely free.

Any damage that does happen to the jewellery can most likely be repaired.  Please contact me at, with a photo and a short description of what happened.  I will put every effort in getting the jewellery back to its original condition.  There may be a charge involved in repair work, but please don't be put off and get in contact about what ever the issue may be.  It is really important that your are happy and confident about the product.


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